Who are you?

I'm a photographer from Liverpool, UK.


I have a passion for street and travel photography, as I think quite often the two overlap. I believe that travel photography is the art of capturing the essence of a place, everything from monumental landmarks to the finer nuanced details. It is in these that we find the heart of a place and can catch a glimpse into its people and the culture they live in.

From here that we move to street photography, if travel involves capturing a place, street photography is a reflection of the soul of its people. It is a record of real interaction between people and place and a candid expression of the human condition.

Personally, I come from a technical background working with computers and digital media. This lends me to tinker and marvel at technical aspects of cameras, lenses, software and all the trappings that come with modern digital photography. However as I journeyed further into this passion I became aware that photography was a chance to express myself creatively and artistically that I had not experienced before.

It is from this that I began to find a feeling for film photography, I find this kind of photography much more focused on the process; and in this process you find a sincere and organic expression of the world around you. This is why I try to seek a balance between the realms of analogue and digital photography in my work.

I take inspiration from photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Bruce Gilden, Eric Kim, Fan Ho and many, many others. I know that my efforts pale in comparison to them, however this spurs me on to delve deeper into this journey of learning and discovery.


If you are reading this and wish to contact me for any reason please feel free to use the social media links below. Otherwise you can e-mail me directly on contact@mattmcleanphoto.co.uk